The Quilt: A Forum

The Australian AIDS Memorial Quilt Project was launched on 1 December 1988. Since then, well over 100 quilt blocks have been created, each consisting of eight panels commemorating the lives of individuals who died from AIDS-related illness. Two of the South Australian AIDS Memorial Quilt blocks have recently returned to Adelaide, and this event provides an opportunity to discuss their creation, their relationship to the larger quilt project, and the historical context in which these incredible objects came to be.
Event Image Description An image of one of the panels from the AIDS Memorial Quilt. The painting is of a person with a purple background and a string of beads on their head.
Event Details
GENRE: Queer Conversations, Community
DURATION: 90 mins
RATING: Ages 15 +
Content Warnings: Death
Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair Accessible
November 7, 2023 7.00pm
Full: FREE

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SAMESH was created in 2015 as part of a joint initiative between SHINE SA and Thorne Harbour Health. We provide information, education, and engagement around sexual health to the LGBTIQA+ community in Adelaide.


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