Adel. Queer Autistic/ADHD Social Group

Neurospicy Queer Quiz!

Get ready for an electrifying experience as the Queer Quizathon welcomes you to a thrilling realm of knowledge, tailored exclusively for Autistic and ADHD individuals! Unleash your quick wit and embrace your unique identities in this inclusive and celebratory phone-based speed quiz game like no other.

Step into a vibrant world where diversity reigns supreme, and the celebration of queer identities takes centre stage. The Queer Quizathon is a fantastic experience designed to provide a fun, safe, and welcoming space for all individuals, with a particular focus on the Autistic and ADHD community. Celebrating neurodiversity and queerness hand in hand, this Quizathon is a one-of-a-kind event.

Experience the thrill of rapid-fire questions that span across a wide array of topics, from arts and history to science and pop culture, all curated to captivate and challenge participants. Engage in friendly competition, racing against the clock to showcase your knowledge and strategic thinking. Whether you're a trivia enthusiast or a casual quizzer, the Queer Quizathon caters to all skill levels.

Our specially designed phone-based quiz game ensures accessibility for all, allowing participants to play using their smart phone. The Queer Quizathon aims to raise awareness about neurodiversity, fostering an environment of understanding, empathy, and acceptance. It's not just a quiz but a powerful way to celebrate our differences and recognize the beauty of being uniquely ourselves.

Join us for the Queer Quizathon, and get ready to be part of this celebration of queerness and neurodiversity!
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Event Details
GENRE: Events
DURATION: 60 mins
RATING: Ages 18 +
Language Warning
Relaxed Performance Relaxed Performance
Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair Accessible
November 1, 2023 6.00pm
My Lover Cindi
Full: $15
Conc: $10

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Adelaide Queer Autistic/ADHD Social Group meets monthly at My Lover Cindi to provide opportunities for Autistic and ADHD individuals to make friends and socialise in a safe, welcoming, and sensory-considerate space.
Many Autistic and ADHD people are looking to make friends with similar outlooks on life. You may just find another person who shares your particular special interest!
Gillian Rowse is the facilitator of the group. She is Autistic, has ADHD and has the privilege of being a Preschool teacher for many children who are also neurodivergent.


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