Hell in Heels

Sounds Gay, I’m In!

A high energy, heart-racing, thrill-inducing, camp cabaret. A chaotic circus experience that features burlesque, drag, pole dancing & aerial, from a lineup of award-winning local & interstate performance artists.

Award-winning production company Hell in Heels is back, back, back again with a fierce new variety show set to serve 10s across the board. Featuring a plethora of Perth’s hottest talent, combined with some local favourites, it’s set to be the slay of the season!
Event Image Description Eight performers appear upon a rainbow watercolour backdrop. They are all presenting various poses & wearing high heels. Taya appears suspended from aerial straps, Ollie in an aerial hoop, 6inchminx in a giant martini glass, Gigi standing on a chair, Jaimee laying on the floor, Lotta in a candlestick position performing leg waves, Serenity in a commanding pose raising one arm up, and Nia crouched in a sassy pose.
Event Details
GENRE: Cabaret and Drag
DURATION: 90 mins
RATING: Ages 18 +
Language Warning
Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair Accessible
November 11, 2023 8.00pm
Hades Hula House
Full: $30
Conc: $30

Learn More About the Artist/Producer...

Hell in Heels is an award winning queer run production company & dance group, established at the beginning of 2020. At Hell in Heels, we believe that sexy is not a size or look, but rather an attitude that can be portrayed by any kind of individual through performance art.
Hell in Heels currently produce regular shows & events both locally in Adelaide as well as interstate, with future plans on expanding their productions nation wide in the coming years.
Our main focus at Hell in Heels is destigmatising sex work & adult industry performers by presenting shows that feature the extremely modern interpretation of burlesque; usually only seen on strip club stages. By bringing this underground artistry to more mainstream audiences, Hell in Heels aims to define a new era of entertainment in which all types of performance artists are celebrated no matter their appearance or dance style.
Hell in Heels are constantly working to bring together different & exciting shows, striving to fill each one with an all new lineup of talent.


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