Spoken Word SA, Adl City Library & Feast

Poet In Residence

Spoken Word SA, Adelaide City Library & Feast Festival's Poet in Residence program encourages poets to step out of comfort zones, engage the public, and create collaborative new work. Through free workshops curated by the Poet-In-Residence, the poet will connect with the community, enriching both residents and the city's cultural life; leaving a lasting impact on Adelaide's literary landscape.

The Poet-in-Residence will curate and lead bespoke workshops for the community. The Poet and these workshops will be announced on Social Media leading up to the Feast Festival.
Event Image Description A photograph taken from the back of a stage looking out at the audience. There is a person on the stage to the right of the image with a microphone and a stand. The walls have windows covered by red curtains and the lights are shining brightly onto the stage.
Event Details
GENRE: Workshops, Queer Conversations
RATING: All Ages
Language Warning
Content Warnings: Alcohol Use, Mental Health
Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair Accessible

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Spoken Word SA (SWSA) exists to connect poets and communities, nurture their development, and provide a platform through which poets can share their work via open readings, workshops, invited performance opportunities, and networking, with the long-term aim of leading SA’s spoken word culture into a strong and sustainable future.

The Adelaide City Library is a place of possibility where the community can create, connect and inspire.

Adelaide City Libraries challenge conventional thinking and enable digital literacy through new technologies in the Digital, Media and Innovation spaces. The City Library aims to facilitate community participation through a broad range of programs, partnerships and services including programs and series around Wellness, Climate Change, Philosophy, and a wide variety of Arts, Music and Culture programs offered throughout the year.
The City Library can be accessed via the Francis Street entry (next to Rundle Place) or on level 6 of the Rundle Place carpark lifts.


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