My Lover Cindi and Thorne Harbour Health

Mixer Only Mixer

My Lover Cindi is proud to present 'Mixer Only Mixer,' in partnership with Thorne Harbour Health.

This event is for sober and sober-curious LGBTIQ people to come together and socialise, dance and try our delicious range of non-alcoholic mocktails.
What to expect:
- a craft corner
- cheese toasties to purchase (available vegan and gluten-free)
- mocktails and sober offerings over the bar
- DJ from 7 pm - 9 pm spinning disco, funk and pop
- jewellery and wares available to purchase from local suppliers
- wheelchair-accessible venue
- a representative of Thorne Harbour Health, our sponsor, an Adelaide-based LGBTIQA+ dedicated mental health service
Event Image Description A photograph of DJ decks from the view of a DJ, with pink lights in the background. Over the top of the photograph is a graphic of a rainbow soundwave and a 3D pink cube.
Event Details
GENRE: Events
DURATION: 180 mins
RATING: Ages 18 +
Relaxed Performance Relaxed Performance
Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair Accessible
Sensory Friendly Sensory Friendly
November 15, 2023 6.00pm
My Lover Cindi
Full: FREE

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My Lover Cindi is a queer utopia on Kaurna land, that celebrates the diversity of LGBTIQ+ communities. Our events aim to foster a culture of inclusion, tolerance and unbridled queer joy.


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