TANZER & Sissy Screens


Disco-Instamatic presents an exciting and avant-garde reinterpretation of the conventional music video, promising a dazzling and captivating experience. The project, developed in partnership with the esteemed queer screen culture platform, Sissy Screens, showcases a large-scale, hyper-colour projection work set to the electrifying Butch Le Butch remix of Tanzer's latest hit, Deep Fried Disco. At its heart, the immersive spectacle stars 20 luminaries from Melbourne's vibrant queer arts scene, each a superstar in their own right. This impressive lineup includes Tanzer, The Huxleys, Mo’Ju, Karen From Finance, Atong Atem, and Aysha Buffet, who come together to create an unforgettable artistic celebration. The vision behind Disco-Instamatic revolves around pushing the boundaries of creativity, fusing music, visuals, and queer expression into a seamless tapestry of cultural celebration. With a glittering and glamorous touch, the traditional music video is transformed into an unparalleled interactive journey. This groundbreaking installation beckons audiences to step into a world of innovation, artistry, and inclusivity, welcoming everyone to partake in its wonder. By engaging with the immersive display, visitors are enveloped in a mesmerising realm where music and visuals intertwine, transcending the ordinary. For anyone who values the intersection of art, music, and LGBTQ+ representation, Disco-Instamatic is an absolute must-see. Its vibrant energy, cutting-edge creativity, and star-studded cast make it a transformative celebration of queer culture and artistic expression. Step inside and be immersed in a dazzling reimagining of the traditional music video, an experience that promises to leave a lasting impression on all who venture to witness it.
Event Image Description The image features a poster for the event called "Disco-Instintamic." In the upper portion of the image, various individuals are depicted participating in showcasing their individuality and costumes and art against a black background.
Event Details
GENRE: Events, Visual Art, Music, Parties
DURATION: 300 mins
RATING: Ages 18 +
Language Warning
Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair Accessible
November 3, 2023 8.00pm
Light ADL - The Lab
Full: $30
Conc: $25

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Tanzer is a musician, artist, DJ, and creative director based in Melbourne, Australia. Plucked from rural New South Wales and raised in the crumbling majesty of Rome, Tanzer delivers culture-clash disco dramarama and hyper-colour haughtiness with a voice from another dimension.

Tanzer's multidisciplinary magic is instantly arresting. cinematic, high-glamour, hyper-colour escapism that prances happily from opera to disco and from experimental to pure pop - exploring self-image, gender, romance and the power of the alter ego.


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