Big Crit Energy - live D&D show!

It's time to roll initiative for this chaotically queer Dungeons and Dragons adventure! Join a stellar cast of performers who will embark on a heroic quest...or accidentally set the starter tavern on fire.

Saskia as Gnorgdumph, the half-orc bard with a whole lotta muscles and a go get em' attitude
Diana D'Vine as as Reggie Price, the aasimar warlock spreading the good word of his patron
Ellen Graham as Periwinkle Lightfoot, the elven druid who just wants everyone to have a chill time
Coogs McNally as Gorsha Axevound, the dwarven barbarian who does not know the meaning of the word "chill"
and Luna Godfrey as the Dungeon Master, perpetually found with her head in her hands.
Event Image Description An illustration of 5 fantasy adventurers: a dwarven barbarian, an elvish druid, an aasimar warlock, a half-orc bard and the dungeon master in an adventuring outfit.
Event Details
GENRE: Events, Comedy
DURATION: 180 mins
RATING: Ages 18 +
Language Warning
Relaxed Performance Relaxed Performance
Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair Accessible
Sensory Friendly Sensory Friendly
November 14, 2023 7.00pm
My Lover Cindi
Full: $35
Conc: $30

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Big Crit Energy is a monthly Adelaide show with an all queer cast. We pride ourselves in making a safe and accessible space for queer nerds to share their love of Dungeons and Dragons. We are thrilled to partner with My Lover Cindi, Adelaide's queer utopia to roll some dice and have some fun.


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